both work & play


1920's Collage Book

Hand-bound and made in all ways analog, this book is an accumulation of archival information from 1920’s culture and literature


Representational video project of what it feels like to be interrupted

TMC Rebranding

A fresh coat of paint for TMC branding in order to better show what this Medical Center is all about

Coded Keyboard

Each letter on the keyboard has been assigned a different color to create personalized patterns with every touch

A Petticoat

An interpretive, typographic video of an original Gertrude Stein poem

stranger things: booklet

A helpful booklet to walk a new audience member through Season One of the Netflix hit show: Stranger Things

sh*t shoes: Campaign

A collaboration presenting an alternative ways to create shoe products while using only recycled materials in order to reduce waste and help the environment

City and colour poster

A hand-crafted concert poster for the indie band, City and Colour

next steps

Expressive documentation of the dialogue from Kansas City’s local “Next Steps” group meetings. This discusses the issues of recent neighborhood gentrification in the Midwest.


Folly Theatre Poster

The poster chosen by KCMO’s own Folly Theatre to advertise a show, in which Grammy-winner Eliane Elias performed

Water animation

exploration with pencil sketch animation of a rain sequence

YumCub: Start-up Brand

The branding process from start to finish that represents a deeper meaning behind a new organic, grain-free baby food

Museum of Glasses

Taking a closer look at all possible aspects of a seemingly ordinary, everyday object

RHS Cheerleading banners

A series of banners, displayed at every home game to represent every member of the Varsity Cheerleading squad.

let me walk your dog

A flyer from November ‘18 advertising an event in KCMO, where a local attempts to break a World Record

timeline kiosk

Interactive program that walks the user through the history of the Kansas City Art Institute

serifa booklet

Dissecting Adrian Frutiger’s original typeface

work in progress

.gif made for fun